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Who we are

Blueline Learning provide bespoke training services to law enforcement, public sector and private organisations, as well as offering professional courses open to individuals seeking a career change or professional development. We use skilled, experienced and credible trainers to deliver solutions around investigation, intelligence, law enforcement and security. All of our courses can be delivered in-house and will always be tailored according to your own organisational requirements, delegates' needs and budget.


What you can expect

Our training style is unashamedly engaging, practical and entertaining. We totally understand that much of the content that we deliver could be dull and uninspiring and that's how it's often delivered - boring death-by-Powerpoint. Not with us - we use real-life examples, talk in simple language and fully interact with our learners. We want them to challenge us, give us scenarios and ask us to help. We even try to have a laugh. We can all remember what we learned when the training was good and kept us thinking. We can also remember going to training that was boring, but we probably can't remember what it was about.

Why we're different

There are plenty of other providers out there, many of them huge organisations tendering for large contracts, employing dozens of trainers and delivering mediocre, off the shelf products. We don't do that - our trainers are not only experts in their field, they are also current practitioners and excellent trainers. If they're not, they don't work for us. Before every in-house course we deliver, the trainer takes time to understand the organisation and what they need and the training is adapted for the delivery. None of our public courses are the same: the trainer will adapt the content to make sure the needs of all of the delegates have been met. And as you can see from the testimonials, our learners love our training and it makes them want to learn.


Who are our trainers?

We are proud to say that all of our trainers are not only expert practitioners, they are also great trainers. Plenty of people can cite subject-matter expertise, but very often their training amounts to little more than a presentation. Because we only work with people who come highly rated and who we have seen in action, you will be guaranteed a great product. Yes, other companies can take on huge contracts and put hundreds through a sheep-dip training presentation. We don't take those jobs on, because there are simply not enough good trainers to keep the quality high. Once you've booked a course with us, you will speak directly with the lead trainer and they will be your point of contact - not a manager who doesn't know the material. 

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