Who we are

Blueline Learning provide bespoke training services to law enforcement, public sector and private organisations, as well as offering professional courses open to individuals seeking a career change or professional development. We use skilled, experienced and credible trainers to deliver solutions around investigation, intelligence, law enforcement and security. All of our courses can be delivered in-house and will always be tailored according to your own organisational requirements, delegates' needs and budget.



Our trainers know what they're talking about; they've done it and they still do it. They've got bags of credibility and genuine experience but don't tell war stories. They don't need to blag it.

No impractical theory - we tell it like it is so you can get on and do it.


Plenty of conversation, real-life examples, up-to-date scenarios and as much hands-on as we can cram in.  We don't leave questions until the end - what do you want to know? Just ask.

No tedious get-to-know-you games, no team flip-chart exercises.


Professional doesn't have to mean dull and our training certainly isn't. We don't have any boring instructors. Minimum powerpoint and maximise humour, enthusiasm and participation.

No padding or waffle or dragging a day's course into a week.