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PACE - Interviewing Under Caution

Learn what constitutes an interview and when and how to caution a suspect. The course includes practical advice on how to deal with solicitors, appropriate adults and note taking and gives practical examples of how to plan and structure an interview.

CPIA - fair disclosure for a fair trial

Learn the essentials for conducting investigations fairly and impartially, maintaining appropriate records and complying with the disclosure requirements imposed by common law and the Criminal Procedures and Investigations Act 1996. We take a dry subject and put it into working context that investigators easily understand

Investigative Interviewing

This course focuses on the practical skills an investigator needs to obtain information from witnesses or suspects. Adopting an investigative mindset and properly preparing to ask questions in the right way will lead to effective gathering of information and evidence that can withstand the scrutiny of investigations, tribunals or criminal trials.

Cryptocurrencies -Bitcoin Detective

Demystifying the theory behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This course will give clear and practical instructions on how any investigator can use free online tools to initiate an investigation, identify suspects and gather intelligence and evidence.

Foundation: Open Source investigation

Using basic equipment and the abilities of the average computer user, this course shows how free tools and techniques can bring effective internet investigation techniques to investigators at all levels. We explain the risks of online activity to ensure that information and evidence they find is reliable, credible and lawfully obtained.  

CSE - Awareness for Licensed Drivers

Many local authorities have now recognised the importance of training their licensed drivers in how to assist in safeguarding young people from becoming victims of Child Sexual Exploitation. Blueline Learning have a proven track record of delivering this hard message to a resistant audience and receiving positive comments and high feedback from delegates.

Advanced Open Source Practitioner

Take your open source investigation to the next level by setting up a secure OSINT environment, power searching using Linux techniques and custom search scripts and automation, scrape the Dark Web and conduct powerful analysis of your results.

Case File - building a prosecution file

By first concentrating on the role and purpose of a prosecution file, this hands-on course will equip investigators with the knowledge and skills to structure and explain the evidence and information and legal compliance ensuring ethical as well as successful prosecutions. A great course to combine with our CPIA disclosure training.

RIPA Surveillance & Covert Techniques

Combating a range of ever-more sophisticated offences sometimes requires more than conventional investigation. Our RIPA course shows officers and managers how to navigate through the complex world of authorities and operational planning to remain within the law and obtain good evidence that stands up to scrutiny.

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