Bitcoin Detective - Investigating Cryptocurrencies

At Blueline Learning, we know that investigators are increasingly frustrated when their investigation takes on a financial element that involves cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Only the most specialist investigators have a decent understanding of what cryptocurrencies actually are and that tracking transactions is no longer as simple as submitting a production order to a bank or financial institution. Usually unless the job can be shown to fit specific criteria, it is abandoned. Or, specialist companies are contracted to conduct high-level research at a significant cost.

This course will change that completely. By demystifying the theory and giving clear and practical instruction, after completing this course any investigator will have the tools to initiate an online investigation, identify suspects and gather evidence.

Course Content

The course covers:

  • Understanding cryptocurrency

  • The Bitcoin Client & Wallet

  • Using open source tools to examine the Blockchain

  • Interpreting Bitcoin

  • Tracing a Bitcoin transaction to a suspect

  • Final Exam

Who should take this course?

  • Compliance Officers/Managers/Directors

  • Financial Crime Analysts/Managers/Directors

  • AML Officers

  • Lawyers working in Compliance/AML

  • Investigators/Intelligence Officers

  • Fraud Investigators /Financial Investigators

  • Cybercrime Investigators

  • Main Office CID officers

Course Delivery - Classroom - 2 days

We will deliver this course at your site for up to 15 delegates. Your delegates just need to turn up with a computer that has wifi capabilities and we will ensure that they get hands-on throughout the course. Because this is a Blueline Learning course, there is no waffle or padding-out: these are two full days of hard work. 

This course is unique: we don't just talk through the theory,  our delegates get on with looking at the blockchain and following bitcoin transactions. We will give your delegates plenty of opportunity to practice some their skills using real-life bitcoin transactions.

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0203 150 0891