Cyber & Digital

Working in the Cybercrime Scene

This intensive one- or two-day course is designed to be delivered in-house to police officers and staff. It will give cyber investigators, CSIs and DFIs a practical,. hands-on understanding of the basics of capturing data from live computers,  completing wireless surveys and router examination.

Cyber Prevent Practitioner

In the only course of its kind, over five days we take cyber prevent officers through from basic IT and networking concepts, to more advanced tools and techniques. Subjects also include communication, lesson planning and diversion methods with special consideration of at risk groups such as with ADHD and Autistic Spectrum Disorder. 


Cyber Intelligence Officer

This immersive one-week course is designed to give CTIU and other intelligence officers a solid grounding in how individuals and state-sponsored actors use computers, what to be aware of when gathering intelligence or evidence. Practical demonstrations and non-technical explanations are a key part of this course.