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How do I book a course?

There are currently three ways you can book a Blueline Learning classroom course. The first is to use the booking form that can be accessed from the link at the bottom of each course page. The second is to drop us an email at contact@bluelinelearning.co.uk and let us know what you’re interested in and we will be in touch. The third is to give us a ring on the number on our contact page and we will do what we can to help. Where our courses are available online they can be bought on this site using a credit or debit card. No organisational booking will be made without an appropriate purchase order.

All of your classroom courses are in-house do you ever offer open courses?

We always offer ‘in-house’ training courses. This means that we will ensure the content is ideally suited to your needs and not just 'off the shelf'. We come to you, ether to a room you provide or we will work with you to find a suitable training location. We also offer ‘open’, where we you will be able to book on to a course along with learners from other organisations

Do you charge for travelling expenses and accommodation?

No. Our prices are all-inclusive within England and Wales, provided you provide the training room. If we are required to provide a training venue, then we will agree any additional cost in advance. Where we need to travel outside England and Wales we will agree any extra travel or accommodation costs in advance

Are your courses just suitable for England and Wales?

Whilst some of our courses, such as PACE interviewing or CPIA are targeted at English Law, others are ideal for different jurisdictions. We have plenty of experience delivering training overseas. Get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

What makes blueline learning different?

We know that traditional training providers fill out their training with waffle and energisers and long breaks. This doesn't help students to learn, it just allows training companies to say that the course lasts for two days rather than one. We've all heard the term 'a one-day course squeezed into two'. We absolutely don't do that. If you are with us for an 8-hour day, expect to be learning for 8 hours. Of course, we give you the opportunity to take comfort breaks and have refreshments and lunch. And we don't do crazy long days, because we know there is a limit how long someone can learn. But if you come on a Blueline Learning course expect to be challenged, work hard and be tired at the end of the day.

Who are your trainers?

Our trainers are all experienced and up to date in their subject. We don't use any permanent trainers - all of them are trainers alongside being practitioners and actively involved in their field of expertise. We think this is vitally important and is why we get excellent feedback for our courses. We simply don't use anyone who is past their sell-by date or whose knowledge is all out of a book. Many of our trainers are still serving police officers, investigators, cyber professionals or security consultant. They know that if they want to stay relevant and stay training with Blueline Learning then they need to stay relevant and up to date

Why do you offer such a diverse range of courses?

We specialise in law enforcement, investigation, compliance and enforcement. However, we also know that when organisations find quality training that meets all of their requirements and gets great feedback from their learners, they are often keen to get their other training front he same provider. Where we can find quality subject matter experts (SMEs) who are also current practitioners AND know how to train, we are happy to consider delivering different products. Also, we have some great trainers with loads of experience who are able to offer a broader range of subjects.

What about courses that last less than a day?

We always explain in the course descriptions how long we anticipate a course will take. Where you book a day's course we expect to be with you for a full day, if that is what it takes. However, years of experience have taught us that where you can properly cover a topic in less time, learners get really cheesed-off when you drag the training out. This usually occurs when the course content is at a foundation level: yes we could go into more depth, but this is not what the client wants or the learners expect. What other training providers do is to provide 'padding' so that they give the appearance of providing a better service. We know that approach is nonsense, and feedback from our learners confirms this. Once we are confident we have covered the course material, we stop. At this point we make ourselves available to learners to answer their specific questions or consider practical scenarios they want to discuss. Of course, we're quite good at this stuff, so most people have understood the material and can get back to work.

Are you a 'certified' or 'accredited' training provider?

We get asked this question a lot and the answer isn't simple. All of our trainers have the relevant expertise and qualifications in their field. The courses that we offer are unique and not offered in the same way by any other provider - we have created them ourselves. As a result, you get targeted content, delivered quickly and straight to the point and in a way that your learners will love. We don't replicate other people's material or deliver stuff that others have written. As a result, gaining accreditation or approval from organisations such as the College of Policing can be difficult, because they like organisations to deliever their material and pay them for the privilage. We don't routinely seek accreditation status simply because the point of Blueline Learning is that we do things differently. We don't want to replicate some of the dull, same-old content that others offer.