Cybercrime Investigation

Perhaps you are a crime scene examiner looking to add router examination to your range of skills, an investigator seeking to understand how to gather or present the evidence or a manager, SIOor strategist looking to increase your understanding of how computers fit into an investigation. ,Our range of practically-focussed cybercrime courses has been designed to give you knowledge and skills you need to get on with your job, without giving you unnecessary levels of detail or complexity or dragging out a one-day course into a week. 

Cybercrime Awareness

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Cryptocurrencies -Bitcoin Detective

Demystifying the theory behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This course will give clear and practical instructions on how any investigator can use free online tools to initiate an investigation, identify suspects and gather intelligence and evidence.

Foundation: Open Source investigation

Using basic equipment and the abilities of the average computer user, this course shows how free tools and techniques can bring effective internet investigation techniques to investigators at all levels. We explain the risks of online activity to ensure that information and evidence they find is reliable, credible and lawfully obtained.  

Advanced Open Source Practitioner

Take your open source investigation to the next level by setting up a secure OSINT environment, power searching using Linux techniques and custom search scripts and automation, scrape the Dark Web and conduct powerful analysis of your results.

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