Investigation & Enforcement

PACE - Interviewing Under Caution

This course takes a practical approach to learnning what constitutes an interview and when and how to caution a suspect. The course includes practical advice on how to deal with solicitors, appropriate adults and note taking and gives practical examples of how to plan and structure an interview. Online and classroom courses available now

CPIA - fair disclosure for a fair trial

Learn the essentials for conducting investigations fairly and impartially, maintaining appropriate records and complying with the disclosure requirements imposed by common law and the Criminal Procedures and Investigations Act 1996. We take a dry subject and put it into  a context that investigators easily understand

RIPA & Social Media Investigation for Local Authorities

Combating a range of ever-more sophisticated offences sometimes requires more than conventional investigation. Our RIPA course shows officers and managers how to navigate through the complex world of authorities and operational planning to remain within the law and obtain good evidence that stands up to scrutiny.