Witness interviewing and statement taking

A professional, well-planned interview followed by a well structured witness statement is the backbone of most investigations. The method of gathering information from witnesses is key to ensuring that the evidence contains all of the points to prove the offence and can withstand defence challenge. This one-day course introduces delegates to the core skills of planning and completing an interview and then taking the information and structuring it into a statement that complies with the law and good practice. Professionally conducted interviews not only gain the best evidence, but also increase public confidence in the service you provide. This course is suitable for learners with no prior experience as well as those who need to brush up or refresh their skills.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you will be able to understand:

  • The elements of PACE that impact on interviewing

  • Principles of Investigative Interviewing

  • Skills of an interviewer

  • Listening skills

  • Questioning techniques to assist with gathering evidence

  • The PEACE model of interviewing

  • Structuring a witness statement

  • Awareness of special measures

Course Delivery - Classroom - 1 day

We will deliver this course at your site for up to 10 delegates. Every delegate comes with their own level of understanding and experience and as a result, each course delivery will vary. Although this course is only an 'introduction' course, we will give your delegates the opportunity to practice some of the skills they learn by interviewing each other and the course trainer as well as giving plenty of opportunity for feedback.

We anticipate that the training will take up to 7 hours and at the end of the day your staff will be tired!

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