Digital Crime Scene Response - including router examination

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data-security-keyboard-computer-163017 (1).jpeg

Digital Crime Scene Response - including router examination


This one day course, delivered at your own premises, will take delegates through the basic process of conducting a scene search for digital evidence from a live crime scene.

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Starting at 9am on your site, our trainers will take up to 12 delegates and take them through some basic theory before getting into a practical hands-on session that will enable them to conduct a crime scene search for digital evidence from windows computers and routers as well as being able to conduct simple imaging on scene using free tools. As well as understanding what they can do, they will also understand their limitations and when specialist officers and techniques should be called for.

All routers and equipment will be provided but delegates may wish to use their own operational equipment.

The price is all inclusive and includes all travel, accommodation and expenses for the trainers.

Topics included: 

Wireless survey

  • Setting up the environment to conduct a wifi survey

  • Legal considerations

  • Planning the survey

  • Conducting the survey - practical exercise

Router examination

  • Purpose and advantages

  • Gaining access

  • Connected devices

  • Modifications by the user

  • Firewall settings

  • Capturing the data

  • Logs

Volatile data capture using free tools

  • Volatile caches

  • Capturing the volatile data

  • RAM capture

  • Registry capture

Imaging on scene

  • The basics of imaging hard-drives and persistent storage on scene

USB device location

  • Using free tools to identify previously connected USB devices to inform the search