RIPA surveillance

RIPA - The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act

Learn how to plan and conduct operations and investigations that fully comply with the law on surveillance and covert techniques. 

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you will be understand:

  • Recognise what constitutes Covert and Intrusive Surveillance and Covert Human Intelligence sources
  • Law and good practice regarding directed surveillance
  • Identify where private and confidential information are likely to be obtained
  • Changes created by the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012
  • How to plan and authorise covert activities
  • Codes of practice for Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS) and other surveillance activity
  • Assess the relationship between R.I.P.A. and Human Rights Act

Course Delivery - Classroom

We will deliver this course at your site for up to 20 delegates. Although the course structure is based on the information above, we will specialise in ensuring that our delivery is adapted to meet the needs and expectations of the delegates. Whilst the implications of failing to comply with RIPA are consistent across organisations, the way that each authority will conduct and authorise surveillance and covert activity will vary. As a result, the delivery time is flexible. We will not keep people back and drag out the training with too much detail, when it is not required. Equally, if delegates have questions or want to explore specific areas of the law or practice, our trainers are happy to help.  We anticipate that the training will take up to 7 hours, but once all of the areas have been covered,  your staff can get back to work!

We are currently working on our online delivery version of this course and when it is available all classroom delegates will receive free access to the online course for 3 months. 

Our price is fixed and includes any learning material and every learner receives an attendance certificate for their own CPD record. We do not charge extra for our trainers to travel or stay in hotels.

Per course - £950

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