T4 – Threats - Tasking - Technology - Terminology

A Practical Introduction to Cybercrime

Designed for any officers, investigators or managers new to a cybercrime role, this concise and practical course will quickly get you up to speed with the different cyber threats and crime types, the tasking process and the fundamentals of the technology being used. Planned to minimise time away from the office, with two full interactive and well-structured days. Delivered in an engaging style and using real examples and case studies, the landscape will be simplified and the terminology demystified, leaving you comfortable and confident to engage in your role.

Course Content

Cyber attacks – From denial of service through sextortion and the WannaCry ransomware worm we will use real examples to illustrate the types of attack that take place and some of the technology that allows them to happen. How these are tasked and managed at different levels in UK law enforcement.

Law and practice – an exploration of the key law and guidance that impacts cybercrime investigations and decision making. Applying PACE, RIPA, IPA (including equipment interference) and digital disclosure requirements (CPIA).

The computer and the network –  technology, terminology, risks and opportunities, operational planning for success in the digital crime scene.

Cyber criminals – who they are, how they get involved, the language they use.

The internet, VPNs and the dark web – How computers connect to the internet and either leave a trace or hide their activity. Includes a look at some current dark web market places and the associated technology.

Digital currency ­– what it is, how it is used, tracking it and seizing it.

Course Delivery - 31 January – 1 February 2019 – Wyboston Lakes Executive Centre, Bedfordshire

Price: £850 per person, including lunch and refreshments, accommodation can be arranged.

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