Statements - getting evidence down on paper

Anyone who needs to give evidence of what they've seen or done or who needs to take down the evidence of other witnesses has to understand the law of evidence and good practice in writing statements. 

The course is made up of a series of video lessons that are short and to the point; explaining what you need to know and how to put it into practice straight away.

Managers - don't wait for your yearly or bi-annual training cycle to upskill new staff or refresh others - give them access to the skills they need now!

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Speak to a witness to gather information pertinent to an investigation
  • Explain what a statement is and how it is used in criminal and civil proceedings
  • Understand the role of note-taking and what to do with the notes
  • Refer to exhibits and seized material
  • Record your own, or a witnesses, recollection of an incident
  • Use an appropriate, recognised structure
  • Explain to a witness what might happen next
  • Describe the importance of the s9 declaration at the top of a criminal statement

Course Delivery

Course Delivery - Classroom

We will deliver this course at your site for up to 10 delegates. Every delegate comes with their own level of understanding and experience and as a result, each course delivery will vary. As well as explaining the theory in practical terms, delegates will complete practical exercises and receive individual feedback on their statements and take away some areas to improve .

We anticipate that the training will take up to 7 hours.

We are currently working on our online delivery version of this course, which will give the theory and examples, but of course will lack the practical elements.  When this is available all classroom delegates will receive free access to the online course for 3 months. 

What do our learners say about interview training:

I've never enjoyed taking statements, but I think this is because no-one had ever really explained why we were doing it. Your course has changed all that and I get it now. I wish someone had told me this ages ago. Thank you.

Our price is fixed and includes any learning material and every learner receives an attendance certificate for their own CPD record. We do not charge extra for our trainers to travel or stay in hotels.

Per course - £950

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Online Course

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Bespoke courses available on request.

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