CPIA - Disclosure and a fair trial

Recent high-profile cases have demonstrated just how important it is to understand and apply the Criminal Procedures and Investigations Act 1996 in all investigations. This one-day course is designed for non-police investigators, such as local authority officers and national government departments and agencies and is also suitable for new to role police staff investigators. Delegates will be taken through a brief history and understanding of why there is a requirement to retain material, review it and reveal it to the defence and crucially what makes a ‘reasonable line of enquiry’. There will also be an opportunity to consider the challenges behind digital disclosure and look at some tools to make that much more manageable and straight forward.

Course Content

When CPIA applies

  • What constitutes an investigation

  • The Responsibilities of Officer in charge, Investigating Officer and the Disclosure Officer

  • The procedures regarding the Record, Retain, and Reveal functions

  • The Advanced Information rules

  • When disclosure is triggered

  • Responding to defence case statements

  • What must be disclosed

  • Sensitive and non-sensitive material

  • Completion of the disclosure forms

Who should take this course?

  • Criminal investigators

  • Local Authority lawyers

  • Local authority officers

  • Managers overseeing investigations or enforcement

Course Delivery - Classroom - 2 days

We will deliver this course at your site for up to 20 delegates. Although the course structure is based on the information above, we will specialise in ensuring that our delivery is adapted to meet the needs and expectations of the delegates. We know that the needs of a group of serious crime detectives will be different to the experiences of a group of Environmental Health Officers or a mixed group of council enforcement officers. As a result, the delivery time will vary. We will not keep people back and drag out the training with too much detail, when it is not required. Equally, if delegates have questions or want to explore specific areas of the law or practice, our trainers will not be rushing for the door.  We anticipate that the training will take up to 7 hours, but once all of the areas have been covered,  your staff can get back to work

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