GDPR Implementation Masterclass

GDPR is coming and you need to be ready. Other courses will teach you the theory and get you qualified, but no other will get you ready to make changes as soon as you finish the course. In this unique course, International CISO and industry expert Sunil Bothra CISSP will teach you the theory and show you how to efficiently and effectively apply it. The result: a timely and comprehensive GDPR implementation plan. You will also learn how importance data protection is to your customers and how you can directly utilise your own early compliance as a competitive advantage ahead of your competitors. 

PRACTITIONER - 3 Day course

Day 1 - What has changed and how to achieve compliance by May 2018

  • Relevancy, exceptions & obligations
  • Key Concepts, roles, responsibilities and supervision
  • Legal Consequences
  • Marketing activity, HR, surveillance and IT security compliance within the regulations
  • Individual and group exercises considering the practical applications of the day's subjects

Day 2 - Privacy compliance programme governance

  • Privacy programme planning in response to GDPR requirements
  • Privacy compliance framework development incorporating information life cycle and privacy risk management
  • Implementing the policy compliance framework
  • Practical exercises using Enterprise Architecture Framework to identify weaknesses and six sigma methodology to improve processes

Day 3 - Privacy operations management

  • EVALUATE - managing assets and risk, conducting and managing internal and external audits
  • PROTECT- managing the data life cycle, privacy by design and utilisation of ISO 27001 and CMMI
  • SUSTAIN - Privacy operations management: measurement, maintenance, training and monitoring
  • RESPOND - dealing with information requests, handling privacy incidents and liaising with statutory regulators
  • LEVERAGE & MULTIPLY - using your investment in GDPR compliance to gain a strong competitive advantage in your sector
  • A range or scenario based workshops to put it all into practice

Completion of the PRACTITIONER course enables delegates to take the additional two day EXPERT TECHNICIAN course

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